Collection: Solitaire Moissanite Engagement Rings

What Does Solitaire Mean?

Solitaire, from the Latin word “solus” meaning “alone”, is the most common setting used in engagement rings. The term refers to a ring that features only a single gemstone on a simple band made of precious metals like white gold or platinum. A solitaire ring is meant to make the gemstone the centerpiece of the jewelry with little competing elements to take the spotlight away.

Moissanite solitaire engagement rings come in many different designs and settings, as well as the material of the band itself. A prong setting is the most common, where the gemstone is secured by prongs holding it securely like a claw. It showcases enough of the stone to give it maximum brilliance and fire. Other types of solitaire settings include the Cathedral and the ever-popular Tiffany setting.

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Why Choose a Moissanite Solitaire Ring?

A solitaire engagement ring is simple and understated elegance at its best. It’s a classic and timeless design that suits almost every preference or taste. Their minimalist and subdued aesthetic also make them practical for everyday use. If you’re at a loss on what engagement ring to buy for your fiancé, you can’t go wrong with a Moissanite solitaire ring. It’s a fantastic safe choice guaranteed to be well-received by your bride-to-be.

If you have an exceptionally brilliant stone like moissanite, a solitaire engagement ring is the best way to show that off. It’s also the ideal style if you’re going with more unique cuts like the Heart or Oval so it can be clearly seen in the ring.

Choosing the Band

While they might not be front and center, choosing the wedding band for your solitaire moissanite ring or solitaire diamond ring is nevertheless a crucial decision. There are aesthetic, as well as practical, considerations when picking the metal for your engagement ring band.

Platinum is popular due to its durability and neutral color that perfectly complements the fiery, colorful brilliance of both moissanite and diamond. The premium, white metal is also perfect for any skin type due to its hypoallergenic properties.

Yellow gold is one of the most classic metals used in jewelry, thanks to its warm color and strength. While not as fashionable as it was years ago, gold is still a popular choice if you want a vintage look.

White gold is for those who prefer gold but want a more modern aesthetic. This metal has an attractive reflective sheen that’s as durable as platinum but does require constant re-plating by a professional jeweler.

Rose Gold is a unique shade of gold that brings out an elegant, feminine character in your moissanite engagement ring or diamond engagement ring. It’s a good middle ground when you want a distinct color for your band, but want to avoid the typical yellow gold.

Choosing the Shape

The shape is an essential aspect of both diamond and moissanite because it impacts the visual appeal and brilliance of the stone. When used in a solitaire ring, it becomes even more critical to pick the right one. Here are some of the best shapes you can choose from.

The Round cut is the most common shape of solitaire engagement rings and for a good reason. It maximizes the amount of light that enters the gemstone, giving it exceptional brilliance and fire.

In contrast to the round cut, the Princess cut features sharp 90-corners and looks like an inverted pyramid when viewed from the sides. It’s the second most popular shape next to the round cut.

The Cushion cut is a vintage shape that combines the round and princess cuts. Also called a pillow shape, it’s been used in well-known historical gemstones like the famous Hope Diamond.

If you want a magnificent and unique shape, the Marquise Cut is one such gemstone. Rumored to be commissioned by King Louis XIV of France, it’s a graceful combination of a rounded cut contrasted with pointed edges.

Finally, the Heart cut is the perfect shape to showcase the love and commitment that engagement rings are meant to represent. It’s a unique and rare shape that requires exceptional skill to produce.

Benefits of Moissanite Solitaire Engagement Rings

Moissanite takes the best features of a diamond, and truly makes it its own – at a fraction of the price.

This human-made precious stone has a unique facing pattern that produces a much more radiant and intense brilliance than a diamond. Moissanite also emits a distinct, colorful pattern similar to what you’ll see on a disco ball.

While not as durable as diamond, moissanite comes pretty close with a 9.25 hardness rating compared to a diamond’s 10. That makes the gemstone practical for everyday use.

But what makes moissanite one of the best choices for an engagement ring is how its sourced. The gemstone is wholly made in a lab with silicon carbide, guaranteed to be conflict-free, sustainably produced, and environmentally-friendly.

Why Gema&Co?

Gema&Co uses only the best quality Charles and Colvard Forever One moissanites. We also offer our proprietary Resplendent moissanites for every ring we make. We carefully curate each gemstone to meet our exacting standards in cut, shape, size, and clarity. You’ll find that every Moissanite stone you pick from our collection will exhibit the most exceptional brilliance and fire you’ll ever see in a gemstone.

As a company, we believe that engagement rings shouldn’t cost a fortune. Anyone, at any budget, should have the opportunity to express their love and commitment to their special someone. That’s why we guarantee all of our rings are priced reasonably and honestly, without any artificial markups. We help you celebrate love in the most affordable and sustainable way possible.