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Frequently Asked Questions

Moissanite History & Facts

What Are Moissanites?

Is Moissanite a brand of diamond or simulated diamond?

Why are Moissanites sold by millimeter rather than carats?

Color, Cut, & Clarity

Will Moissanite color fade or change over time?

Do Moissanites have inclusions?

Are Moissanites an ideal cut?

How are Moissanites graded on clarity?

Brilliance & Fire Dispersion

What properties of Moissanite makes it sparkle?

What gives Moissanite its fire?

Will the brilliance or fire of Moissanite fade over time?

Quality, Hardness, & Toughness

Are Moissanites resistant to scratches?

How durable are Moissanites?

Are Moissanites heat resistant?

Repairs & Care

How should I care for Moissanites?

Can Moissanites withstand repairs and sizing?

Can Moissanites be reset into new jewelry?

Lab Created Gemstones

Are lab created gemstones real or artificial?

Can I tell the difference between created gemstones and mined gemstones?

Do lab created gemstones look better than their mined counterparts?

Are these stones enhanced or color treated?

Are lab-grown gemstones as durable as mined gemstones?