Collection: Pavé Moissanite Engagement Rings

Finding the Pavé Ring of Your Dreams

They say it all starts with a ring and a question, but like with love, the journey of finding the perfect ring starts a long time before it’s time to make a choice. The symbolism behind an engagement ring or wedding band is not lost on anyone shopping for one. As a result, this makes choosing rings you’ll love and wear forever that much more important.

That said, selecting the perfect ring does not need to be nerve-wracking. If you’re considering a lab diamond or moissanite pavé ring, here’s all you need to know to make the right choice.

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What Makes a Ring “Pavé Style”?

If you’re looking for a little extra sparkle in your ring, then a moissanite or diamond pavé band is a great option. Pronounced “pah-veh,” the word means pavement in French. It is used in reference to how the gemstones are set on the ring.

Like a typical pavement, a pavé ring consists of many little stones closely set together.

These stones are fastened by droplets of metal on the base, as closely as possible. This technique further creates the illusion that the ring is “paved” with gemstones. Because of the prism effect of many small moissanites, pavé settings generate a lot of sparkle and beautifully highlights the center stone. If you’re looking for extra glitter, pavé designs will help your ring stand out and provide that extra touch of glamour.

However, this can also possibly compromise the clarity of the gemstone due to the use of many smaller stones, which causes the centerstone to refract differently. The silver lining traditionally is that you can use a diamond with a lower price tag, and get more “bling for less buck”. However, with moissanite you don't have to settle and the price point menas you can have perfection for brides on a budget.

How to Choose Your Pavé Ring

Moissanite rings feature endless styles and variations. As such, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sea of technical jargon and options. Here’s how to choose the moissanite pavé wedding band that suits your personal taste and style from our collection of exquisite pavé rings.

Choosing the Band

Usually, when people name their favorite type of ring, they are referring to the style of gemstone they like. The band is often an afterthought, even though it presents a backdrop that can either enhance or take away from the main star.

Consider the color of the band you would like: Silver and yellow gold never go out of style and complement moissanite pavé gemstones beautifully. Rose gold is a contemporary color that has grown in popularity for its soft, feminine look.

Choosing the Style

Gema&Co offers brides a myriad of pavé styles to choose from. Some resemble one another while others create a drastically different look. The main styles include:

  • Bead Bright Cut Pavé where the pavé stones are set between two metal walls that frame the stone.
  • French Pavé features small hand-cut V-shapes in which the moissanite stone is set. This style shows as little metal as possible, making rings appear like they are solid moissanite or diamond.
  • Shared Prong refers to the settings where each stone shares one set of prongs with the stone next to it. This contributes to added brilliance.

Pavé styles come in numerous variations. Plus, you can design your own custom moissanite or diamond ring so it truly reflects your personality.

Benefits of Moissanite For Your Pavé Ring

Moissanite jewelry may be less expensive than their diamond counterparts, but they rival any other gemstones in many regards.

1. Brilliance

Moissanite shines brighter than diamond, literally. It has a Brilliance Refractive Index (RI) of 2.65 to 2.69, higher than diamond’s 2.42 RI. So you can imagine the stunning combination that comes with using moissanite in your pavé-style ring.

2. Price

One of the biggest advantages that moissanite has is the price point. A moissanite diamond is much less expensive than a regular diamond but has similar stunning qualities.

3. Longevity and Durability

Moissanite is one of the hardest known elements on earth, which makes it extremely resistant to scratching, chipping, and breaking

4. It is Ethically-Sourced

Gema&Co sell lab-grown gemstones, so you can be assured that your moissanite pavé engagement ring is the conflict-free, social, and environmentally responsible choice.

Why Gema&Co?

True value is derived from the meaning and purpose the jewelry you wear has to you. Our mission at Gema&Co is to make celebrating love and marriage less commercialized and more accessible. That’s why we strive to do things differently.

We offer moissanite and lab diamond jewelry of the highest quality, making it with our premier lab-created diamonds and Resplendent moissanite, as well as Forever One moissanite stones Charles & Colvard, the best moissanite company in the world.

Our styles are designed with beauty and longevity in mind, and hand-cut by professional jewelers.

When choosing a Gema&Co ring, you’re opting for an heirloom that will look and feel like it was made just for you. The perfect moissanite pavé ring is waiting for you in our beautiful collection of moissanite and diamond jewelry. If you need help selecting one or making your own bespoke band, talk to us today.