Resplendent Moissanite™

Gema&Co is extremely proud to offer you our very own collection of premium Moissanite that is able to compete in all quality standards of the most renown Moissanite brands.


Through recent technological innovataions and outstanding dedication from our team, all Resplendent Moissanites are guaranteed to be colorless and fall within the D E F range. This means that Resplendent Moissanites will be one of the whitest stones available to the public today, and are guaranteed to not discolor or fade over time.


Of all the Moissanite's 4Cs, cut is one of the most complex and technically difficult to analyze. Gema&Co's Resplendent Moissanites utilize advanced algorithms and imaging to calculate the best proportions for facets that influence the stone’s face-up appearance and brilliance. These proportions are then precisely machine cut to produce a Resplendent Moissanite with the most fire and brilliance possible.

All standard Resplendent Moissanites come in brilliant cuts, but we are also able to produce custom cuts upon request such as: Crushed Ice, Old Mine Cut, etc. Inquire via email at


Clarity refers to how clean or clear a gemstone is with respect to natural microscopic characteristics that were trapped within while the gemstone was forming. Internal characteristics are known as inclusions, and characteristics on the surface of the gem are known as blemishes.

Since our Resplendent Moissanites are all lab-created using natural elements, we are able to control the entire process and ensure the highest quality gemstone with the greatest care in regards to “Clarity.” All Resplendent Moissanites are guaranteed to be VS1 in clarity or better.

Flawless to internally flawless
Very very slight inclusions
Very slight inclusions
Slightly included


Gema&Co Resplendent Moissanites are available in all standard sizes viewable on our product pages. We can also custom cut nearly any reasonable size of your preference. Inquire via email at

In order to minimize the confusion this can create, all stones are listed on Gema&Co with their actual size in mm and/or the diamond equivalent in carats.