Our Mission

Our goal is simple. We want to make celebrating love and marriage less commercialized and more accessible. That's why we're trending away from over-marketed mined diamonds and introducing conflict-free and environmentally friendly moissanite gemstones and lab grown diamonds. It's a different way of doing things, sure, but we think its for the better.

It's a new outlook on old traditions. A new generation of engagement rings.

Our Values

These are the values that guide our business, our product development, and our brand. As our company continues to evolve and grow, these three values remain constant.


Celebrating love shouldn't cost anyone multiple months salary. We're redefining this artificial rule.


We strive to maintain an honest and fair markup of our products and refuse to upcharge, even if its "wedding" related.


We're a like-minded community who focus on the love which stands behind an engagement ring. Not its size or cost.



Gema&Co continually strives to be a leader in sustainability. We put as much focus on the specs of our gems as we do on the source. Our moissanite gemstones and diamonds are lab grown and hand cut by professional jewelers in the United States.

By eliminating the mining process completely, opting for a sustainably cultured gemstone reduces the human and environmental toll of the industry. There are no unfair labor practices or poor working conditions. You have peace of mind knowing your gemstone was produced ethically and responsibly.


Environmentally Responsible

Metal mining is one of the most environmentally destructive types of mining and millions of gold miners work in dangerous environments to earn low wages. Our objective is to help eliminate the negative impacts of overmining by reducing the demand for newly mined metals.

The jewelry we cast is made with recycled precious metals. Because our reclaimed platinum and gold are refined back into their pure elements, they are the same high quality as newly mined metals. Reclaimed precious metals come from numerous post-consumer sources, including existing jewelry and industrial-use metals.

This is just the beginning