Understanding The Difference Between Forever Classic, Forever Brilliant, and Forever One Moissanites

Jewelry represents more than a mere accessory; it's an expression of style, a symbol of commitment, and often, a treasured heirloom passed down through generations. At the heart of these precious mementos are the glittering gemstones that capture light and admiration alike.

Moissanite, renowned for its brilliance and durability, is a favored choice with many people. However, not all Moissanite is created equal. In the realm of this radiant gemstone, three variants stand tall — Forever Classic, Forever Brilliant, and Forever One Moissanite — each bearing its unique charm and superiority.

What are the most significant differences between Forever One Moissanite vs regular Moissanite? Join us as we explore the differences between these Moissanite collections, focusing on their brilliance, color, and enduring elegance. Below, we shared a video to show the colors where you can see a slight difference in whiteness.

forever one and regular moissanite


Gema&Co is proud to partner with Charles and Colvard, the leading manufacturer of the finest Moissanites available on the market today. Charles and Colvard carries a few types of Moissanites in their product line, including Forever One, Forever Brilliant, and Forever Classic. The various details and differences between the three lines are listed below.

Forever One

With such a wide collection of stunning Moissanite lines, you may wonder, "What is Forever One Moissanite?"

In 2015, Charles and Colvard introduced their most recent line of Moissanites, the Forever One, which are the only Moissanites that we offer here at Gema&Co. Forever One Moissanite caters to aficionados who seek the epitome of brilliance and quality. The Forever One's color is equivalent to the highest tier on the color chart, yielding absolutely no color in its icy-white hue. The Moissanite Forever One line is the prime choice for those who desire an ethereal, almost celestial beauty in their jewels.

Elevating the standard for Moissanites everywhere, the Forever One diamond is a cut above the rest. Grown in a lab under exacting conditions, it is the embodiment of Charles and Colvard craftsmanship at its pinnacle, exuding an unrivaled radiance that can transform any jewelry piece into an immediate conversation starter. From Forever One Moissanite engagement rings symbolizing eternal love to stunning necklaces designed to turn heads at grand events, Forever One Moissanite outshines the competition, making it an exceptional choice for all.

Before you shop for your next stone, we encourage you to read our customers' Forever One Moissanite reviews to understand their experiences and satisfaction with this superior gemstone.


Forever Brilliant Moissanite

When considering "What is Forever Brilliant Moissanite," one can easily attribute it as a significant milestone in the progression of Moissanite. In 2013, Charles and Colvard created a new line of Moissanite that had improved color and brilliance of its predecessors. Forever Brilliant is an exceptional choice for those in search of stones with perfect harmony between luminosity and value. Forever Brilliant earns a color grade range of G-I when compared to the Gemological Institute of America's Diamond Color chart.

This nearly colorless beauty lends itself to creating various jewelry designs, from the simplicity of modern styles to the grandeur of vintage pieces. Moreover, its reasonable price tag makes Forever Brilliant a popular choice among those making their initial foray into the world of Moissanite.

While Forever Brilliant may not hold the highest color grade like Forever 1 Moissanite, it certainly does not compromise on its sparkle and allure. It represents a commitment to crafting accessible luxury gems, making it an outstanding option for anyone seeking a balance between cost and brilliance.


Forever Classic Moissanite

Forever Classic Moissanite is the line that started it all. Charles and Colvard created their first notable Moissanite in 2008 which they named Forever Classic. Forever Classic entered the market and quickly gained popularity due to its amazingly clear profile--resembling popular qualities and visual characteristics of most mainstream Diamonds sold. The color range for the Forever Classic Moissanites ranges from J-K, or nearly colorless.

As the name suggests, Forever Classic is the ideal choice for those who appreciate elegance and traditional aesthetics in jewelry. Its charm lies in its clear profile, making it a versatile choice that enhances everyday wear and special occasion outfits. It’s an attractive proposition for those looking for an affordable alternative to a Forever One Moissanite ring without sacrificing style.

Compared to other lines, Forever Classic represents the roots of Charles and Colvard's Moissanite. While it may not reach the colorless grade of a Forever One Moissanite engagement ring or the near-colorless grade of Forever Brilliant, its striking clarity and affordable price point make it a competitive choice. Whether you're a first-time Moissanite buyer or a seasoned collector, the Forever Classic offers a captivating blend of traditional beauty and affordability.

Find Your Perfect Forever One Moissanite Jewelry at Gema&Co

In the realm of brilliance and everlasting sparkle, Charles and Colvard's collections truly stand apart. The distinctions among Forever Classic, Forever Brilliant, and Forever One Moissanite, though rooted primarily in color, extend to the details of stories they carry and the emotions they inspire. Each possesses its unique charm, bringing to life the artistry and passion of the artisans who meticulously crafted them.

At Gema&Co, we believe in presenting only the best to our esteemed customers. It's for this reason we offer exclusively the Forever One Moissanite, renowned for its unrivaled color quality, exquisite clarity, and scintillating brilliance.

Make a statement of enduring brilliance and sophistication. Browse our exclusive collection of Moissanite Forever at Gema&Co today and find the perfect piece that reflects your style.


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