Jewelry Every Woman Should Own: Classic, Timeless Pieces

Just like the iconic little black dress, there are certain statement pieces of jewelry every woman should own. We're talking about investment jewelry, the stunning pieces that make up the heart of a jewelry wardrobe and never go out of style. 

Knowing exactly what to include in a classic jewelry wardrobe isn't always easy, so we've created a guide to help you craft the perfect collection that will take you from daily wear to elegant events. Owning a staple jewelry collection gives you an essential base to build on to enhance your style.

Must-Have Jewelry for Women

When it comes to must-have jewelry for women, there are five categories you'll want to shop for. With an essential collection as your basis, you can build out your jewelry wardrobe as the years go by, adding stylish pieces as new trends appear and your fashion tastes change.

The jewelry every woman should own is classic and timeless, staying in style from season to season, regardless of the latest fashion trends. Let's have a look at the five categories of classic jewelry and explore the specific choices within each one.


No piece of jewelry is as timeless as a ring, simple and elegant. One of our favorite types of ring can form the basis of your entire collection: the cocktail ring.

Cocktail rings are iconic jewelry pieces because they outlast trends. Just consider the fact that these rings originated during the 1920s Prohibition era, when women wore them as a signal to servers that they wanted a sweetened alcoholic drink. Cocktail rings are so timeless that they’re still in style 100 years later. These large statement pieces exude confidence and sophistication.


Earrings are hands down pieces of jewelry every woman should own. They’re versatile as they can be understated or bold.

In terms of timeless jewelry, consider three different essential earring styles: diamond studs, pearl earrings and gold hoops. Nowadays, moissanite is a beautiful and practical alternative to diamond studs, featuring exceptional brilliance and fire that is virtually indistinguishable from diamonds. Pearl earrings are elegant and refined for business dinners, job interviews, and formal dinners. Tasteful gold hoops pair well with everything, and depending on the size, they can take you from dainty daily wear to bold beachy vibes.


Necklaces are a natural accompaniment to earrings. The iconic pearl necklace is a go-to piece whether you want a breezy summer look or you're attending a formal black-tie event. Long necklaces with pendants are also perfect for your essential jewelry wardrobe, pairing well with both high necklines as well as deep plunging necklines. A classic gold chain necklace is also a perfect accentuating detail to any outfit, from casual t-shirts to trendy pantsuits.


Despite having digital smartphone clocks in our pockets at all times, we’re strong believers that a watch is a chic piece of jewelry every woman should own. Watches are classic jewelry pieces that are fashionable as well as functional. Watches ooze sophistication and class and you can have your choice of either a digital watch or an elegant and classic timepiece.


The most common type of digital watch nowadays is often a smartwatch, but there are more classic gold and silver digital watches. While a digital watch may not be as refined a look as an analog bracelet watch, it’s convenient and modern and often includes helpful features such as digital timers and step counters.


A classic watch is a piece of jewelry every woman should own. It’s elegant, timeless and iconic. A leather-strap watch has a more casual aesthetic than a gold bracelet band, but both demand attention to detail and refinement. Classic watches never go out of style, which is why they’re one of our favorite essential jewelry pieces.


Bracelets are another jewelry essential. They can either complete an overall look that complements matching earrings and a necklace, or they can stand all on their own for an understated elegance. Here are two classic bracelet styles every woman should have:


One of the most popular gold bracelet styles is the classic bangle bracelet. You can pair a few slim gold bangle bracelets together for a casual look, or choose a gold chain bracelet for a slightly elevated variation on this theme. This type of bracelet can be either dainty and delicate or have a bold impact depending on what you pair it with.


Any list of essential jewelry pieces likely includes the iconic diamond tennis bracelet. This bracelet got the moniker "tennis" after Chris Evert wore hers in the 1970s during tennis matches, in particular in one memorable match when the clasp broke and it fell off. 

A diamond bracelet communicates luxury with its simple sparkling circle, and it’s undoubtedly one of the key pieces in the collection of jewelry classics.

But what if you can’t afford that expensive diamond bracelet or adorable diamond studs? Or you’re concerned about the environmental impacts of diamond mining? You don’t need to miss out on the diamond jewelry every woman should own. Moissanite is almost indistinguishable from diamonds for significantly less money, with far less impact on the environment.

Start With Your Timeless Jewelry Collection with Gema&Co

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