Best Cut For Moissanite: Round or Square

Picking out jewelry can be stressful. What shape should you get? Which cut will look best? Moissanite is an incredibly versatile option, and there are lots of choices that can make it hard to find the best cut for moissanite to fit your style. 

Throughout this guide, we’ll go through the different moissanite cuts one by one, so you can find your forever fit. We'll give you all the basics about cut moissanite so you can make the most informed choice and avoid any moissanite problems.

How Cut Impacts Moissanite

The best cut for moissanite varies depending on the different way the cut affects this sophisticated gemstone. Each cut has a different effect on dispersion, which is how the stone reflects light and creates that distinct sparkle. 

Cutting a gemstone requires expert skill, as properties such as cleavage and fracture determine how a stone can be split. One of the benefits of moissanite is that this gemstone doesn't have either of these properties. That means it has incredible versatility and an expert can safely cut moissanite into any shape. However, there are two main moissanite cuts: crushed ice moissanite cut and brilliant cut moissanite.

Crushed Ice Moissanite Cut

The crushed ice cut, much like its name implies, reflects light from various angles because it has irregular facets that allow it to sparkle in many different directions. This cut is typical in oblong shapes such as pears and ovals.

Brilliant Cut Moissanite

When looking at the best cut for moissanite, the brilliant cut is often mentioned because it has well-defined facets that give off a steady and intense sparkle, as the light reflects out from the center of the gemstone.

Popular Moissanite Cuts

Beyond these two main cuts, there are a variety of the best moissanite stone shapes for any style. Let's go through the most popular moissanite cuts so you can see the differences and discover which one suits you best.

Round Brilliant Cut Moissanite

The moissanite round brilliant cut is a favorite because of its classic, timeless appeal. It has many facets that reflect lots of light for an amazing sparkle. This is one cut that will never go out of style.

Square Cut Moissanite

A variation on the traditional round cut is the square cut. This style is perfect if you want an angular look. This moissanite square, brilliant and shimmering, has a clean and sharp appearance that always makes a statement.

Oval Cut Moissanite

Another type of cut included on the best cut for moissanite list is oval cut, a combination of the traditional round and square. If you can't decide between these two classic shapes, an oval might be just the solution.

Emerald Cut Moissanite

The emerald cut is a great choice if you want the angular shape of a square cut together with the oblong properties of an oval. It also has a vintage aesthetic and looks right at home in antique settings.

Cushion Cut Moissanite

A cushion cut is so named because it resembles a mini cushion, with its square shape and rounded, tapered corners. It reflects light brilliantly and is one of the oldest gemstone cuts available, originating from a 1700s design.

Pear Cut Moissanite

The pear cut is another type of moissanite round cut, which is similar to an oval but has a pointed tip. Although this isn't necessarily a classic style, it’s lately seeing a resurgence thanks to its understated elegance.

Radiant Cut Moissanite

Like its name suggests, a radiant cut moissanite is designed to enhance shine and brilliance, which it achieves through an emerald cut with truncated corners to maximize faceting.

Marquise Cut Moissanite

The marquise cut is similar to a double pear cut, as both ends are pointed. It has an elegant and striking look with a unique shape.

Heart Cut Moissanite

Shaped like a heart, this is a delicate and romantic look that instantly symbolizes love. This is a popular choice for engagement rings.

Which Moissanite Cut is Best?

The best cut for moissanite is the one that you love the most. It all depends on your priorities, whether that means the most sparkle, the most unique shape, or the cut that fits your style the most.

Which Cut Makes Moissanite Look Bigger?

Round cuts and cuts with rounded corners tend to appear larger than they actually are, so if you want the illusion of a larger size, stick with the moissanite round cut or a variation, such as oval or emerald.

Most Popular Moissanite Cuts

The most popular cuts are also the most traditional shapes: round and square. This is because they never go out of style or fluctuate with varying trends, remaining classic throughout the ages.

Wide Variety of Cuts at Gema&Co

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