Ring Settings 101

With so many different ring settings to choose from, it's often challenging to decide what's best for you. Understanding the basics of ring design and learning about the most popular ring settings may help you solve that riddle so you can find your forever fit.

Understanding Ring Settings

It's easier to find your perfect piece of jewelry when you know the basics of the essential elements of every ring design. The ring setting is the metal construction of the ring that serves as a base for holding the gems. It also refers to any decorative details crafted in the metal base.

The setting has two functions:

  • - Securing and supporting the stones
  • - Adding decorative appeal to the ring


From traditional solitaire wedding ring settings to sophisticated halo engagement rings, there are many styles to choose from, and we'll go over the most popular ones for special occasions.

Engagement Ring Settings

Finding unique engagement ring settings that fit your budget and style can quickly become overwhelming. There’s so much to consider! It should fit your lifestyle, blend well with your future wedding theme, and make you feel immense joy when you look at it.

The following are the most popular engagement ring settings:


Prong is probably the most well-known classic solitaire engagement ring setting. It usually features four or six thin metal claws that hold the stone in place. They are placed on its surface to secure the stone's position. The prong setting is one of the most favored diamond engagement ring settings because it highlights the stone's brilliance.


The bezel is one of the most popular round engagement ring settings. It usually features thin metal borders that circle the gemstone partially or entirely, holding it in its place. Also known as the tube set, the bezel highlights the stone, giving it a modern look.


As one of the most popular diamond ring settings, the tension set makes the diamond appear to float between two sides of metal. The metal usually has only two tiny grooves that come in contact with the stone's edge and hold it securely in its place. This unusual setting has a contemporary, mesmerizing appearance.


Also known as the 'hammer' setting, the flush is one of the oldest methods of setting stones into rings. It's far from any weak ring settings for loose stones. A jeweler making a flush setting will drill a hole in the precious metal, place the stone in the hole, and then hammer metal around it to keep it secure.


Currently, among the most sought-after engagement ring styles, the halo is an elegant ring setting that features a center stone encircled by a pave of smaller gems, creating a halo around it. The halo stones drop light onto the main rock and enhance its glamorous appeal. There are many ways to personalize a halo setting.

Side Stone

Side stone ring settings are perfect for people who want something original and unusual. They feature more than three stones and represent a fantastic way of making an engagement ring special and unique. The center stone is the star of the setting, but the small and sometimes colorful side stones add amazing charm and character to the entire design.

Three Stone

The three-stone setting is classic, enduring, and very sophisticated. In this ring setting, the center stone is usually the largest, and it has an additional stone on each of its sides. The side stones are sometimes a different shape than the center, but all three can be the same shape, too. A three-stone ring is a symbol of the past, present, and future.

Wedding Ring Settings


Also known as the bead setting, the pave setting gets its name from its paving made of gems. It’s a glamorous ring style with lots of small diamonds set together to create a fantastic diamond-paved look. The metal creates small beds to hold the diamonds tightly in place.

Channel Setting

Quite similar to the pave setting, the channel setting features thicker metal to hold the stones in place. It's an elegant setting known as an ideal option for wedding and anniversary rings. It usually features two square or round stones suspended between two walls of metal for a sophisticated look.

Bar Setting

A bar ring setting features vertical bars of precious metal to hold the diamonds in place. Since it covers less of the stone compared to the channel setting, it provides more sparkle but also less security.

Ring Settings: FAQS

  • - What is the most popular ring setting

When it comes to engagement ring settings, the diamond solitaire has been the most popular over the last decade.

  • - Which setting makes a small stone look bigger? 

The best setting for giving a small rock a more prominent appearance is the halo style.

  • - How do you place gemstones in a ring? 

Placing stones in a ring is a delicate process that requires the skills of a good jeweler. It is always done by hand.

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