Promise Ring: Its Meaning And How to Wear It

Rings are one of the universal symbols of love, fidelity, and commitment between two people. The most well-known is, of course, the wedding ring. But there are other rings worth mentioning, including a confusing one: the promise ring.

The promise ring’s purpose isn’t as clear-cut as an engagement or wedding ring. It’s also not that commonplace, which leads to a lot of questions like where does a promise ring go? How do you know when to give a promise ring?

This article will try to clear up these questions and more so you can decide whether it’s time to give one to your special someone. Let’s start with the definition of promise rings.

What is a Promise Ring?

A promise ring is a piece of jewelry often given to symbolize a couple’s commitment and devotion to each other. However, it’s not limited to a romantic relationship. Promise ring exchanges can also happen between friends and family members.

Promise Ring Meaning

Promise rings are meant to symbolize the commitment of two people over anything they want. Perhaps because the promise is made in the form of a ring, it’s often given in a romantic sense.

The exact commitment that a promise ring represents can vary from couple to couple, making the meaning of these rings highly personalized. For example, some couples exchange promise rings to commit to a future engagement after a specified time or event.

Promise rings and engagement rings are often confused with one another. But by definition, an engagement ring is a formal acceptance of a marriage proposal. Promise rings, on the other hand, are more general and not as binding.

When to Give a Promise Ring

Even though promise rings aren’t as serious or “permanent” as engagement rings, they shouldn’t be treated lightly. The common feature of these two rings is that they symbolize a strong commitment. Therefore, you should only give a promise ring if you’re ready to honor that pledge.

Promise rings are popular with unmarried couples who live together but aren’t ready to tie the knot yet. In this case, promise rings can represent their dedication to each other in a way that’s more symbolic than just casual dating.

Promise Ring Styles for Men and Women

The designs of promise rings vary wildly, from plain metal bands to elaborate jewelry adorned with precious stones. But as a rule of thumb, they feature simpler aesthetics to distinguish them from engagement or wedding rings.

Because they symbolize a commitment to love, styles of promise rings for women often feature heart designs or love knots. Eternity bands, meant to represent everlasting love, are also a popular choice.

Designs of promise rings for men are usually simpler and less adorned, featuring only a simple metal band without gemstones. Inscriptions of quotes or heartfelt messages on the inside of the band are also popular.

Promise Ring FAQs

What finger does a promise ring go on?

Unlike an engagement or wedding ring, promise rings can go on any finger. More often, though, the classic promise ring finger for female wearers is on the left hand, just as with any other ring. When the person gets engaged or married, the promise ring switches to the right hand to make way for the engagement and wedding ring.

How much is a promise ring?

When people want to buy a promise ring, one common question is, “how much does a promise ring cost?”

The answer is – it depends on the buyer. But it’s often significantly cheaper than an engagement ring because the target market for promise rings is often younger people with less financial means. Possible prices can range from as low as $199 to around $2,000. The metal used in the band or any precious stones dictates the cost.

What is the difference between a promise ring and a purity ring?

A purity ring is a type of promise ring with a specific purpose. Instead of committing oneself to a person, the wearer instead commits to chastity and abstinence or staying “pure” until marriage. 

Parents often give purity rings to their children to remind them of this commitment to chastity.

Is a promise ring an engagement ring?

An engagement ring is considered more formal and binding as a commitment to marriage, together with the responsibility it brings. Breaking off an engagement is seen as a more serious offense than violating the obligation to a promise ring.

Promise Rings Need Not Be Expensive

The most important aspect of a promise ring is the commitment it represents. It doesn’t need to be expensive, nor does it require the adornment of precious stones.

That’s why moissanite is a fantastic centerpiece of a promise ring. Not only is it sourced sustainably and conflict-free, but it’s just as visually striking and brilliant as a genuine diamond. Plus, it’s much more affordable. Visit us today and start browsing for your moissanite promise ring for that special someone.

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