5 Most Popular Engagement Stone Cuts

When selecting a stone cut for your engagement ring, there is absolutely no right or wrong answer! Couples should pick the cut that resonates and appeals to them the most. We've compiled a short list of our most popular cuts to help you narrow down your selection.

1. The Round Cut

Our most popular engagement ring cut is The Round. Which is the most sought after stone cut, accounting for more than half of all engagement rings sold as of 2017.

The round brilliant is the most researched cut in the industry over the last century. Diamond cutters have used advanced scientific theories of light reflection and precise mathematical calculations to optimize its fire and brilliance.


2. The Princess Cut

Princess Cut Moissanite

The second most popular cut is The Princess which was first introduced in the 80's and has been increasing in popularity every since.

Princess cuts are generally less expensive than their Round cut counterparts because less stone material is lost during the cutting process. (I.e. A larger raw stone is required for a Round cut stone versus a Princess cut stone)


3. The Cushion Cut

Cushion Cut White Gold Halo Pave

Our third most popular cut is the Cushion cut. The Cushion cut is also known as the "pillow" cut because of its soft edges and large facets. It can have anywhere between 58 and 64 facets and can be more rectangular or nearly square. There is also a modified cushion brilliant cut that adds an extra row of facets to intensify the fire of the Moissanite. Moissanites that have this modified cut often look like crushed ice.


4. The Oval Cut

Oval Cut Yellow Gold Pave Moissanite

The "rising star" of our lineup is the Oval cut. It is the fastest growing segment of engagement ring sales. The dimensions for the cut were originally created in the 1950's by Lazare Kaplan of New York who was world renown for cutting "worthless" raw gemstones into "flawless" masterpieces.

Today, the Oval cut is sought after by Millenials looking for a more visually unique stone and engagement ring that includes the flattering effect of making fingers look slightly elongated and slimmer.


5. The Emerald

Emerald Cut Rose Gold Moissanite

The elegant Emerald cut rounds off our list of our top 5 engagement ring cuts. The Emerald cut which was an extremely popular cut in the 1920s is often favored for its Art Deco vibe. It is characterized by a rectangular step cut, an open table, and cropped corners. While it has more of an understated sparkle with a "hall-of-mirrors" effect, its long silhouette and angular lines capture the stone's clarity and catches the light dramatically and elegantly.

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