How to see Moissanite In Person

Moissanite is a fantastic Diamond alternative that has gained a bit of interest in the last few years. Unfortunately, not many retailers carry Moissanite in physical stores which makes it difficult to commit to the purchase, despite the amount of research one can do online. We discuss a few reasons to why its tough to find Moissanite in retailers and share some alternative ways to see this gemstone in person.

Not many physical retailers carry Moissanite simply because of its lower price point. Moissanite's margin of profit is far lower than Diamond, which makes it hard for retailers to sustain overhead and operations for physical storefronts. Moissanite is also a competitor of Diamond. If retailers were to offer Moissanites in stores for couples to compare with side by side, Diamonds sales will go down--and jewelry businesses would fold shortly after.

Don't be discouraged just yet. There are ways to see Moissanite in person prior to pulling the trigger on this important purchase. At Gema&Co, we help couples feel at ease by offering an easy return policy on our jewelry and loose gemstones. We have a 30-day easy return policy and low return shipping fees to give couples some time to further research and evaluate whether Moissanite is the right choice.

To see Moissanite in person, we encourage couples to order a loose gemstone first rather than ordering the full engagement piece. This will provide couples an opportunity to visualize and inspect the quality of the gemstone in the comfort of your home (no pushy salesman!). Couples can even take it to a jeweler and visualize the gemstone in different settings or compare it with other gemstones if they wish.

Visit the loose stone collection to see the Moissanites we carry!

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