Dainty Engagement Rings for a Delicate Declaration of Love

There is nothing more lovely than a beautiful selection of dainty engagement rings. While many people think that bigger is better for engagement ring options, “big” isn’t for everyone, especially for minimalists searching for something smaller and subtler. 

When making a selection, it is essential that your ring is the style you want, doesn’t overwhelm your hand, and is proportional to your fingers. Browsing some options can help you decide which type of ring is a good match. 

Need some ideas on ring styles and designs? Look no further than our moissanite ring engagement collection.

21 Dainty Engagement Ring Ideas

When considering engagement rings, dainty designs not only complement small hands; they are also a stylish aesthetic for anyone. Delicate engagement rings are a great option if you or your fiancée naturally gravitate toward delicate necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other dainty jewelry. There is nothing wrong with bolder designs. It is all a personal choice. But the choice does matter: your chosen ring should reflect your style and feel good to show off! 

Here are 21 of Gema&Co’s rings to get you inspired. Each moissanite ring is part of our engagement collection for those seeking diamond alternatives that are equally sparkly at a fraction of the cost.

1. The Round Solitaire

A Solitaire ring with a simple band, in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum, is a classic minimalist design. Any shape stone in solitaire engagement rings is guaranteed to pair well with dainty wedding rings. A round stone offers a nice curved contrast to a slender finger but looks stunning on all types of hands.

Our Round Solitaire ring has six prongs securing a round moissanite stone in place. Choose your stone size: the smallest and daintiest option for the Round Solitaire is 0.23 carat and 4 millimeters but goes up to 4.2 carat and 10.5 millimeters.

2. The Four Prong Round Pavé

A pavé ring is still classic and minimalist but with more sparkle. Our pavé rings have the visible half of the band lined with moissanites to give you that extra dazzle. These stones are set closely together, but the band’s color is still detectable. (Though it is not as prominent as with Solitaire rings.) On this four-pronged ring, the band metal will also be visible in the prongs centering the round stone. It can also be seen on the interior and sides of the band.  

When considering the ring band’s color, all our options pair well with moissanite. However, skin tone and color preferences may lead you to choose a warm metal color, like yellow gold or rose gold, or a cooler color, like white gold or platinum. As you think about your dream engagement ring, you can choose one of our dainty options on this list or design your own.

3. The Round Trio

The beautiful Round Trio ring has a plain band with one round moissanite stone centered between two smaller moissanite stones, which are also round. This trio of rings is not only dainty. It is also symmetrical. The Round Trio could be a good option if the number three is significant in your faith or family.

The two accent stones on either side of the center stone are three millimeters each. They are set with three prongs, and the center stone is set with four prongs. Instead of one center stone protruding out, the accent stones on either side fill in the gap between the band and center stone.

4. The Oval Solitaire

The Oval Solitaire moissanite ring is the same as the Round Solitaire ring but has an ovular center stone. Four prongs set it in place. An oval, of course, is a more elongated circle, so it gives a longer, slender look when worn on a rounder finger. This delicate ring looks flattering on all finger shapes. The simple metal band is dainty and beautifully traditional. There is no need for any distractions on the band — the stone shines as the center of attention.

5. The Oval Hidden Halo Pavé

The Hidden Halo setting refers to a “halo” of small moissanite stones around the center oval stone, but not visible from a frontal view. They are “hidden” because they are only visible from the sides. A regular halo design adds a row of small stones around the center stone, but the hidden halo look makes the center ring less chunky and sleeker while still giving that extra sparkle. Four prongs hold the center oval stone in place. 

This ring looks dazzling from every angle. The advantage of having the small pavé moissanite stones on half the band (the visible topside) means they won’t get scuffed up on the bottom half with daily wear and tear.

6. The Princess Solitaire

The Princess Solitaire ring features a beautifully cut square moissanite stone set with four prongs. A Princess stone is simple, elegant, and clear. Yes, it is possible to be dainty and a total stunner when you have a minimalistic ring. The four prongs and four sides of this stone evoke the four legs of a table: solid and secure. It is the ideal foundation of a marriage. 

Bold, strong, and feminine, The Princess Solitaire has smooth lines and a sleek, modern feel. Paired with a classic wedding band to create dainty wedding ring sets, you will feel like the belle of the ball. The Princess cut was first brought onto the scene in the 1960s, and today’s version became available in the 1980s, making it a very modern cut.

7. The Princess Pavé

The Princess Pavé ring builds upon The Princess Solitaire by adding the pavé, or “paved stone” aesthetic to the band. Every princess needs some extra glitz and glam. 

Pavé settings add flair without adding bulk or volume, keeping your ring slim and pristine. The pavé setting adds more shine to the band without breaking the bank. The center square stone size is four millimeters (0.37 carats) at its smallest but can be as large as ten millimeters (5.3 carats), while the width of the band is 1.7 millimeters. However, Gema&Co. can customize moissanite dimensions. 

Thinking about all these dimensions may feel overwhelming in detail, but an engagement ring is a lifelong decision that should not be rushed. We are here to help find the perfect fit that reflects your (or your fiancée’s) personality and reflects your commitment to each other.

8. The Emerald Solitaire

An emerald cut does not mean it is for emeralds — although historically, this type of rectangular shape was for emeralds. This shape was the standard shape for emerald gems since the 15th century. Now, it is a popular cut for engagement rings with other gems. 

Like all engagement rings in this list, The Emerald Solitaire has a crystal clear moissanite center stone. It has four prongs, one on each corner of the rectangular stone, and a solid metal band in 14K gold or platinum. 

The emerald cut is one of several geometric engagement rings: it is mesmerizing to look at the depth of this stone, which gives the appearance of geometric rectangles inside other rectangles. The stone is a vertical rectangle – taller than it is wide – giving a slender, dainty look.

9. The Emerald Pavé

Like the Emerald Solitaire above, The Emerald Pavé features a rectangular emerald-cut moissanite ring centered on a band with four prongs. The thin, dainty band has one row of moissanite stones to make views from the front and side dazzling. 

This sleek and sophisticated ring is traditional and modern. The cut has been around for centuries, gained popularity during the art deco movement, and remains a popular choice among Hollywood stars and everyday people alike for its smooth, classic finish.

10. The Cushion Solitaire

The Cushion Solitaire ring is humble yet gorgeous, perfect for those with personalities to match. Squarish with rounded corners, this shape is similar to a cushion or pillow, which is why it is also known as the pillow cut. This ring has four prongs. It is four millimeters at its daintiest. 

A traditional cut for diamonds, the cushion cut for moissanite stone simply glows in the light. It is a classic and delicate shape that will not overwhelm a dainty hand. It possesses an aura of old romance with a sleek, modern, minimalistic band — the perfect fusion of traditional and fresh.

11. The Cushion Hidden Halo Pavé

Do you enjoy the feel of the cushion solitaire but want a bit more sparkle on your hand? Like the previously mentioned Cushion Solitaire, The Cushion Hidden Halo Pavé ring has a beautifully set cushion-shaped stone centered with four prongs on a thin yet durable band. 

The pavé style means more small stones set in the band. The hidden halo style means small stones line the sides of the center ring in between each prong so that they shine from the sides. Not ostentatious but visibly glamorous, this delicate ring is a good fit for any age and complements all jewelry and clothing styles.

12. The Elongated Cushion Pavé

Similarly, The Elongated Cushion Pavé moissanite ring has a cushion-shaped center stone set with four prongs and pavé style small moissanite stones set on the band. But the cushion shape is elongated, like a slightly square oval, or a rounded vertical rectangle. Round edges make sense if you are worried about catching your ring on something during the workday, such as fabric. 

The cushion cut creates a geometric pattern, with an ovular facet in the very middle of the stone, mirroring its overall shape. Like a clear kaleidoscope, you won’t be able to take your eyes off it.

13. The Pear Solitaire

Look no further than Pear Solitaire rings as one of the ideal dainty gold engagement rings — the name even rhymes! The Pear Solitaire is a uniquely shaped stone on a simple, elegant band made of white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum. 

The “pear” is a reverse teardrop shape, with the point facing downward and the top gently curved. The center stone is held in place with six prongs. It rests on a solid, thin band with no extra embellishments, drawing all focus to the star of the show: the delicately cut pear moissanite stone. 

Find all sorts of patterns in the stone's cut as you watch the light refract and reflect in the crystal clear facets. Gazing at your dainty engagement ring is like seeing how clouds take on different shapes in the sky; the way the light catches the stone can conjure up images of a butterfly or dragonfly when looking at it straight-on.

14. The Pear Pavé

The Pear Pavé ring is the same shape and design as its Solitaire sister, but with scalloped pavé moissanite along the band. The tip points downward like an upside-down pear so it won’t catch on fabrics. The Pear is the perfect shape if you are torn between pointed and round edges because it has both! 

Small, dainty engagement rings like The Pear Pavé are popular because they evoke elegance without flaunting wealth or status. Minimalist designs are increasingly popular across the board, not only in jewelry but also in all types of design. Tacky and ostentatious is out; minimalism as a lifestyle is here to stay.

This ring clearly shows that love speaks in whispers: it does not shout or demand to be the center of attention. Its design, like your love, is ever-present and sure of itself — even if it seems subtle from some angles. Because with real love, there is no need to boast. This design, like all these, mirrors that wisdom. It is essential that the physical objects in our lives — especially the ones as important as engagement rings — reflect our internal values.

15. The Square Solitaire

This simple design is fresh and clean with no frills or fuss. Beautifully symmetrical, the subtle appearance of an X forms within the facets of the cut if you look closely, helped by the way that the prongs at each corner point toward each other. X marks the spot to your heart! Perfectly square, beautifully simple, humble yet stunning — the design is perfect for the dainty aesthetic. 

Like The Princess Solitaire, The Square Solitaire has four prongs holding a square-shaped moissanite stone in the center and a classic 14K gold or platinum band. For dainty engagement rings, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum give off different vibes. If you tend to gravitate more toward one metal over another in your other jewelry, keep that in mind as you match your engagement ring to your style.

16. The Square Pavé

The Square Pavé moissanite ring is the Square Solitaire but with some extra pizzazz in the form of… you guessed it: pavé moissanite stones lining the top of the band. These accent moissanites provide a light touch without weighing down the ring. Imagine all the little stones glistening in the sunlight or reflecting the light that has bounced off the snow or water. 

Choosing a dainty aesthetic brings awareness to the details and the simple little things, like dew drops upon a leaf or birds chirping. A fulfilling marriage consists of all these little moments, one right after the other, just like the moissanite stones in a row along the engagement band.

17. The Asscher Solitaire

The Asscher Solitaire moissanite ring features another square-shaped stone. The Asscher design stands out because of its large facets, giving a geometric design that all points to the center of the moissanite stone. The cut is similar to an emerald cut but in a square shape instead of a rectangular shape. Delicate and almost hypnotic, the cut's clarity, brilliance, and smoothness are astounding. It is dainty because of its simplicity. 

The prongs center the stone while pointing to its center, as your love centers your life.

18. The Heart Pavé

The Heart Pavé ring’s heart-shaped stone is cute yet tasteful. The moissanite stone is as small as four millimeters for a delicate aesthetic. The dainty yet durable moissanite stones along the band draw the eye toward the center heart moissanite stone attached with three prongs. Hearts are the ultimate symbol of love and romance. What shape better symbolizes lifelong love and commitment between two people? 

The Heart Pavé is the perfect choice if you are planning a Valentine’s Day proposal. We wear engagement and wedding rings on the fourth finger of our left hand because of an ancient Roman belief that there was a vein within that finger that went straight to the heart! This ring is a physical reminder of the ultimate emotional bond. Whenever you look at it, you will feel warmth in your heart.

19. The Radiant Hidden Halo Pavé

The Radiant Hidden Halo Pavé ring is obviously radiant, but “radiant” refers to the shape of the moissanite stone in this instance. The Radiant shape is rectangular with cropped corners, which forms an octagonal shape, like the emerald cut. The center moissanite stone size starts at 0.33 carats and is five by three millimeters. 

The radiant cut came on the scene in the 1970s. The more facets a stone has, the smaller the facets are, which increases the “sparkle” effect. The Radiant cut has 70 facets, which is quite a lot. Plus, the pavé and hidden halo stones lined up along the band and sides of the center stone add to the sparkle but not to the bulk. You and your fiancée can assign meaning to each of the moissanite stones along the band. For example, each stone can represent a memorable trip you’ve gone on together or a year of knowing each other.

20. The Marquise Solitaire

The Marquise Solitaire ring has a nice ring, no pun intended. Even the name “Marquise Solitaire” sounds dainty and formal. The Marquise shape is like a skinny oval that comes to a point at the top and bottom, attached to the simple band with six prongs. The Marquise creates an instantly slimming effect on the hand that wears it. 

With nearly 60 facets, the shimmer and shine will take your breath away, and the unique, narrow moissanite stone shape will be a conversation starter. Marquise cuts are also popular for non-engagement rings; it will look great to pair a Marquise engagement ring with another Marquise cut ring on the right hand.

21. The Trillion Pavé

Ever heard of the trillion shape? It certainly looks like it is worth a trillion dollars! You can remember its shape because, like “trillion,” its shape begins with “tri-'' indicating its three sides. The triangular Trillion Pavé moissanite ring has three prongs at each corner to hold it in place. It is in the shape of a rounded inverted triangle, with its point facing downwards toward the hand. 

The moissanite center ring and moissanite stones along the band glisten and dazzle. A tasteful middle ground between cuts with many facets and cuts with few, the trillion cut is delicate and well-balanced for a dainty and sophisticated look.

Gema&Co: Practical, Stylish, & Dainty

If you are exploring different engagement ring styles, and want a unique option, consider a smaller, dainty ring over a larger cut or style. These rings are stunning and timeless, a true symbol of love.

The dainty engagement ring from Gema&Co comes in various moissanite designs. Our material is innovative, yet our designs are classic. When you shop for moissanite jewelry, you are making a financially and environmentally-wise choice. No unethical mining or labor goes into these simple, dainty engagement rings: they are grown in labs in the United States. They are also much cheaper than traditional diamond alternatives. 

Human innovation means there is no need to plunder the earth for beautiful gems: we can create them ourselves in an ethical, lasting, and truly beautiful way. Not only do we carry the world’s most practical engagement rings. We carry the most stylishly dainty ones, too. Start browsing to find your perfect engagement ring today.

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