Cushion or Oval Diamond: What Diamond Cut Sparkles the Most

While James Bond fans might have heard that diamonds are forever, diamond cut styles seem to have less staying power. As time goes on, different cuts fall in and out of popularity.

Currently, the top choice tends to come down to either cushion or oval diamond cuts. For the past decade, enthusiasts have sought after the cushion. Oval diamond cuts, however, have steadily gained steam over the past few years.

It can be challenging to choose between an oval vs cushion cut diamond as both create a brilliant sparkle and look gorgeous when set in various settings.

We've put together this guide to help answer what diamond cut sparkles the most so you can decide if you want a cushion or oval diamond.

The Cushion Diamond Style

A cushion diamond is characterized by its square-rectangular cut with rounded corners and significant facets designed to enhance the stone’s brilliance. This particular cut garnered its name due to its distinct appearance reminding viewers of a pillow cushion. 

Timeless and romantic, oval cushion cut engagement rings are the latest trend. Finely rounded corners and a large center facet of the cushion cut create a fiery kaleidoscopic effect, delightful to behold.

Choosing between an elongated cushion cut vs oval can be difficult since a cushion diamond can come in several variants. Regardless of the version you choose, including “chunky” or “crushed ice,” you’ll end up with a stone that sparkles and is reflective.

With the symmetrical cushion cut, brides delight in its sleek and modern finish are sure to be pleased. 

This particular cut looks fabulous either as a solitaire or surrounded by a halo setting of smaller diamonds. While there are elongated and rounded versions, many brides will have to choose between a cushion vs oval cut for the specific look they want on their finger.

The Oval Diamond Style

The oval diamond cut has developed a reputation for being elegant and captivating. Despite its increasing demand, an oval cut diamond relays a sense of uniqueness and sophistication.

The oval cut diamond has become a popular choice for many brides due to the cut’s elongated shape that can complement anyone’s finger. Like a cushion-cut, an oval cut can be hard to quantify in terms of brilliance and features, as there are several variants to the style. 

Oval cuts use their particular arrangements of facets to play with light, designed to maximize the stone's inherent brilliance. However, this immaculate use of light makes finding the perfect oval a problematic endeavor.

A skilled gem cutter is required to minimize the risk of a facet being cut too shallow or too deep. An improperly cut oval diamond may display a “bowtie” effect. 

While an oval cut diamond can give a bride a unique ring to showcase, if they’re deciding between an oval vs cushion engagement ring, a cushion cut with fewer imperfections may be easier to find. 

However, if you want a cut that can fit any finger with precise facets and amazing sparkles, finding the right oval cut diamond might be on the agenda.

The Biggest Differences Between Cushion and Oval Cuts

When comparing oval vs cushion diamonds side-by-side, these two cuts are distinctively different. 

For enhanced sparkle and a touch of regalness, the cushion cut diamond is the one that will deliver on both fronts. The facets on a cushion-cut create a centralized source, opposed to the oval cut, which has its sparkle dispersed across the more surface area. 

If you’re looking for a cut that maximizes the appearance of size, the oval cut will surpass the cushion. 

When choosing an oval or cushion cut diamond, the oval cut will appear more significant even if the two’s weight is identical. This more prominent appearance is due to the oval cut’s elongated nature, as the length of the diamond creates an illusion of space.

When choosing between a cushion or oval diamond, the choice lies in brilliance versus size preference. A cushion cut will deliver superior brilliance, while an oval cut will highlight the size.

How to Choose Between Cushion VS Oval

Choosing whether you want to have a cushion or oval diamond placed on your finger can be difficult. Both cuts are beautiful, unique, and admittedly stunning. 

The oval cut and the cushion are both well-adept at masking inclusions due to their specialized facets and enhanced brilliance. The imperfection of color is obscured by the remarkable faceting pattern of the cushion and oval cut. 

While the choice will always come down to preference, finding a well-cut cushion is generally easier to obtain than an oval one. As mentioned above, if you decide on an oval cut, you will want to find one that is free from the bowtie effect.

Let Gema&Co Help

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