Moissanite is a choice. It’s not settling at all.

Diamond alternatives have traditionally gotten a bad rap. For example, when someone pictures a Cubic Zirconia engagement ring, negative associations often come to mind.

Often, people picture a couple that is not able to afford a diamond so they “settle” for Cubic Zirconia. They feel sad about it but someday the groom promises to “upgrade it to a real diamond, but only when they have the money.” This conversation may or may not happen in a Walmart.

We're kidding.

The point is that Moissanite is not Cubic Zirconia. Couples aren’t necessarily choosing Moissanite because they don’t have the money to buy a real diamond. They’re not necessarily planning on upgrading it to something else someday either.

Moissanite is a choice. It’s not settling at all.

With Moissanite available as a high quality and conflict-free Diamond alternative, couples no longer need to purchase an overpriced engagement ring if they don't want to. Depending on the couples' values, they might want to prioritize that spending on something that brings them more value to them. Some couples might opt to allocate spendings on vacations, a home down payment, or boost their overall savings. And of course, some couples just don't care if their engagement ring is not a Diamond. It's really a matter of choice.

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