$1500 Engagement Ring You’ll Absolutely Love

Diamond might be a girl’s best friend, but they are not your bank account’s best friend. As gratifying as it is to wear a giant rock on your ring finger, you may want to think otherwise.

Today’s engagement rings average out at more than $6,000, but what if we told you that a $1500 engagement ring of identical quality is possible?

You’ll never find good diamond engagement rings under 1500, but moissanite is an ideal alternative. Let’s take a look at your options for a 1500 engagement ring.

Moissanite Engagement Rings for Women Under $1500

Moissanite is a diamond-like mineral found chiefly in meteorites, yet is rare on earth. Scientists have discovered a way of manufacturing them in a lab using silicon carbide. The lab growing process guarantees both consistency and quality in every gemstone.

All our 14K/18K Moissanite ring bands use the highest industry standard yellow, white, and rose gold mixtures.

The Round Solitaire

This classic round solitaire ring features six prongs holding your moissanite gemstone. The average color is D/E/F with a clarity of VVS1. This ideal cut ring comes with a dainty yet durable 1.7mm band that stands against the wear of day-to-day life.

The Oval Halo

This unique moissanite ring uses the classic oval shape, forming a natural l focal point. The simple oval halo comes with four prongs and scalloped pavé moissanite.

The 1.7mm band is delicate yet sturdy, and the moissanite has a minimum clarity of VVS1 and average color within the D/E/F range. This is one of the best rings under 1500 dollars you can find.

The Emerald Solitaire

The Emerald Solitaire is a true classic on a 1.7mm band of rose, yellow, or white gold. This dainty emerald ring is of the highest quality and starts at only $450.

Solitaire Engagement Rings Under 1500 Dollars

‘Solitaire’ comes from the Latin word ‘solus,’ which means alone. If you buy a solitaire ring, you are purchasing a ring with a single gemstone.

When it comes to engagement rings, you will never find diamond rings under 1500 dollars with a solitaire configuration.

The Four Prong Round Solitaire

This simple round gemstone is set with four prongs around a 1.7mm band for an elegant and minimalist look.

The Oval Solitaire

Our Oval Moissanite Solitaire comes with four prongs around a classic 1.7mm band in gold or platinum.

The oval shape makes the gemstone appear bigger than it is. For an engagement ring that stands out, an oval cut solitaire ring is a perfect choice.

The Princess Solitaire

A princess-cut moissanite solitaire ring makes the most of your money dollar-for-dollar. Princess cut solitaire gemstones give you a higher flash and sparkle due to the wider table on top of the moissanite.

This four-pronged ring is an ideal choice for a 1500 dollar engagement ring — in fact, prices start at only $450.

Pavé Engagement Rings Under $1500

A pavé wedding ring contains small gemstones across the shank of the ring. Metal prongs or beads hold these gemstones in place, creating the effect of a continuous line of gemstones across the front of your ring.

Oval Hidden Halo Pavé Ring

One of our most stunning engagement rings under 1500 is the Oval Hidden Halo Pavé Ring.

When viewed from above, this ring looks like a classic, sparkling, solitaire ring. When viewed from the side, the wow factor is dialed up with a flash of moissanite gemstone.

The Princess Pavé

The Princess Pavé takes the best of a high gemstone table and combines it with a pavé setting’s sparkling elegance.

Made from scalloped pavé moissanite, this is an under $1500 engagement ring that’s designed to impress.

The Emerald Pavé

Featuring a gorgeous emerald cut, this moissanite pavé engagement ring has a 1.7mm band adorned with scalloped pavé.

The emerald cut improves clarity and highlights the jewelry in a way no other shape can.

Halo Engagement Rings Under $1500

Moissanite halo engagement rings feature a halo setting consists of a central gemstone surrounded by small pavé moissanite gemstones. Depending on the ring design, the accent stones may be the same shape or a different cut as the central stone.

Halo settings are by far the most lavish and eye-catching type of ring.

The Cushion Halo

Featuring a square cut with rounded corners, the Cushion Halo’s cut maximizes its brilliance and fire qualities. The four-pronged setting protects the gemstone without detracting from the sparkle and radiance of the moissanite.

The Pear Halo

Looking for a more modernist ring?

The Pear Halo not only gives you an eye-catching shape, but it’s also 8% bigger than round-cut moissanite.

The Asscher Halo Pavé

Take advantage of one of the most daring cuts in the business with the Asscher Halo Pavé. This engagement ring creates a sense of depth. When looked at, the cut and quality are alluring.

For a striking engagement ring, the Asscher Halo Pavé has everything you need.

Buy Your Dream $1500 Engagement Ring at Gema&Co

Now that we’ve looked at a selection of different sub-1500 dollar wedding rings, you likely have many ideas in mind.

At Gema&Co, all our standard rings can be fully customized with different gemstones and bespoke styles. Whether you want a modernist or vintage look, we’ll help you make it a reality.

Contact our jewelry experts today to get started creating the moissanite engagement ring of your dreams.

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