How to Choose a Gift for Wedding Anniversaries

It can be difficult to choose the right wedding anniversary gift for your spouse. The perfect present requires a lot of careful thought and planning. In this anniversary gift guide, we will discuss how to select the right gift for wedding anniversaries.

How to Select the Perfect Anniversary Gift

Wondering how to select the best anniversary gift for your spouse? Here are some helpful tips and tricks for choosing the right present:

  • Base your present on a specific theme. There are certainly plenty of traditional themes associated with wedding anniversaries. Think paper for the first anniversary, for example. But today, there are also a lot of modern themes you can use to guide your choice of anniversary gift. There are a plethora of creative ways to mark your wedding anniversary with your spouse.
  • Celebrate the number of years you have been married. You can base your anniversary present on the number of years you and your spouse have been married. For example, if you have been married for three years, you can choose a gift with three components: dinner, anniversary earrings, and tickets to the theatre.
  • Use the gift to show your spouse how well you know them. You could also incorporate a hobby or activity that your spouse loves into their anniversary gift. For example, if your partner is interested in thrill-seeking activities like skydiving, you could buy an indoor skydiving experience for the two of you for your anniversary.
  • Make your gift romantic. Keep in mind that your wedding anniversary present is the perfect opportunity to be romantic. Think anniversary jewelry for her or a couple’s massage.

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Did you know that each wedding anniversary has its own traditional gifts, colors, gemstones, and flowers that date back to the medieval period? These gift-giving traditions were originally chosen as signs of prosperity and good fortune for the marriage, but the traditions didn’t truly become popular until the Victorian era. Here are some anniversary gifts for her by year:

  • First anniversary: Paper. Paper is the traditional gift for the first wedding anniversary. If you’re a newlywed, you could give your spouse tickets to a show or a cookbook. Many couples also opt for a modern approach, giving each other clocks to symbolize the concept of eternal love. Orange blossoms or pansies are the traditional flowers for the first anniversary, while gold is both the first anniversary color and gemstone if you are choosing to go the first anniversary jewelry route.
  • Fifth anniversary: Wood. Wood is the traditional present for the fifth wedding anniversary to symbolize the strength of your marriage, while silverware is the modern gift to represent all of the meals you have shared over the years. Daisies are the traditional flower, while blue and pink are the traditional colors, and sapphire is the traditional gemstone. 
  • 10th anniversary: Tin or Aluminum. If you are celebrating a decade of marriage, the traditional gift is either tin or aluminum to represent the resilience of your marriage. For a more modern twist, we recommend gifting your spouse diamonds to symbolize love and durability. The daffodil is the traditional flower, while silver and blue are the traditional colors.
  • 20th anniversary: China. The traditional gift for the 20th wedding anniversary is china to symbolize the delicate nature and beauty of your marriage. This is the perfect opportunity to update your kitchenware, or you could even take a trip to visit China. Daylilies are the traditional flower, while green is the traditional color, and emerald is the traditional gemstone if you are considering gifting your spouse some 20th anniversary jewelry.
  • 25th anniversary: Silver. The 25th wedding anniversary is also known as the silver anniversary since silver symbolizes the shine and brilliance of your marriage. Iris is the traditional flower, while silver is the traditional color and gemstone.
  • 50th anniversary: Gold. The 50th wedding anniversary is often referred to as the golden anniversary, and gold is the perfect gift for your spouse as you celebrate 50 years together. Violet is the traditional flower, while gold is the traditional color and gemstone. We recommend purchasing some gold jewelry for your spouse to commemorate this amazing milestone.
  • 60th anniversary: Diamond. Sixty years of marriage is a huge milestone, and diamonds are the perfect gift to commemorate the occasion. Diamond-white is the traditional color, while diamonds are the traditional gemstone and gift.

A Timeless Classic: Wedding Anniversary Jewelry

Whether you opt for more traditional anniversary gifts or a more modern approach, wedding anniversary jewelry is a great way to go, especially for the first wedding anniversary or bigger milestones like the 10th anniversary or 25th anniversary. Gema&Co. is the perfect place to shop, whether you are purchasing one year anniversary jewelry or moissanite jewelry for your 50th wedding anniversary.

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