Collection: Halo Moissanite Rings

Choosing Guide: The Halo Ring

Looking for a ring to signify the next step in your relationship? Congratulations! An engagement or wedding ring is a valued representation of love and commitment between a couple. But while that may be more meaningful than its appearance, we believe that every wearer should be just as in love with their ring as their partner.

Choosing from all the varieties of rings available can be overwhelming. However, a simple way to start is by focusing on the styles you prefer. Halo is a timeless ring style, and you might just find your forever ring among our beautiful moissanite halo ring options. But first, you might want to know more about this glamorous design. Let’s begin!

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What Makes a Ring “Halo Style”?

As the name suggests, a halo ring setting is one that features a larger center gemstone encircled by smaller accent gemstones. These smaller gems add emphasis to the larger rock and can be similar or different in kind or color. A moissanite halo ring is a glamorous feature on every hand because of the dazzle given by the brilliant stones.

The halo is a great way to jazz up almost any gemstone cut. What’s more, it gives the illusion of a bigger center stone, which is great for those who like a little extra sparkle but are not looking to break the bank.

How to Choose Your Halo Ring

Looking for a lab diamond halo engagement ring or even a wedding ring? Here’s how to avoid the nerve-wracking experience of choosing between the endless ring styles out there.

1. Choose the Band

The band of the ring is always the lowest hanging fruit when it comes to deciding on what you want. Keep in mind, though, it might not be the star of the show but is still essential to the overall design. It can either enhance or diminish the beauty of your halo setting.

Choose the color you would like for your ring metal—typically gold, rose gold or silver, and whether you would like any gemstones on your band. These can be a short chain or go all the way around it.

2. Choose the Style

There are many styles available for moissanite halo engagement rings. It all depends on what appeals to you.

What’s more, this style allows for many different variations including:

  • Floating/Round Halo Ring - This style has a larger gem that almost appears to be floating among the smaller stones like a water lily leaf.
  • Pear-Shaped - A pear-shaped style adds more glimmer to an already-glamorous style.
  • Cushion - One of the most popular styles, a moissanite cushion cut halo ring is favored for its regal, classic appearance.
  • Princess - diamond halo stones take this favorite cut to the next level in sparkle and femininity.
  • Oval - Oval stones will never go out of style. However, adding a halo around the main gem gives the ring a contemporary look that’s still elegant.

Halo styles come in uncountable variations. You can design your own engagement ring with our custom bespoke options.

The Benefits of Moissanite For your Halo Ring

Did you know that moissanite is the world’s most brilliant gemstone? It’s true! It shines even brighter than diamond, so imagine how glamorous the stones look in a halo setting. On the Brilliance Refractive Index (RI), moissanite ranges from 2.65 to 2.69, higher than diamond’s 2.42 RI. Fire-wise, moissanite measures at a dispersion of 0.104 which is 2.4 times the fire of a diamond and four times greater than other popular gemstones including ruby, sapphire, and emerald.

On top of brilliance, it is also known to be extremely durable. In fact, the ceramic version of synthetic moissanite is commonly used to cut and slice other materials. This hardness makes it more scratch-resistant than most gemstones, not to mention its incredible melting point of 2730°C.

Physical qualities aside, we believe what gives this indestructible gem its significance as a wedding and engagement ring stone is the story behind it. Moissanite is a socially, and environmentally responsible choice: Most moissanite today is grown in a lab, eliminating the usually conflicted mining process of many gems. A moissanite wearer is a compassionate person who customizes tradition to agree with both their pocket, style, and conscience.

Why Gema&Co

If you’re looking to celebrate love in a way that is purposeful and has meaning to you, Gema&Co is here to support that. We believe celebrating love should be done in a way that is unique. That’s why we design moissanite and lab diamond jewelry that embodies this mission.

Our moissanite halo rings are made with the highest quality stones, which are either developed in our premier lab or curated from the Forever One moissanite stones at Charles & Colvard—the best moissanite company in the world.

We want to make celebrating love and marriage less commercialized and more accessible, designing stones that offer a new outlook on old traditions and using stones that are hand-cut by professional jewelers.

If you’re looking to buy moissanite engagement rings or lab diamond engagement rings of the highest quality, you can be 100% confident in our products. Contact us to learn more, or if you need any help choosing your next forever piece.